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What does calais mean?

Calais is a french town on the channel strait between France and the UK. The origin of the name is not known but there are various accounts such as it is named after Turkish w ( Full Answer )
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Where is Calais?

Calais is the name of a town located in the northern part ofFrance, it's a sub-prefecture of the department of Pas-de-Calais.It's an important town and ferry port that communi ( Full Answer )
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What is the importance of calais?

It's the nearest port to England, and so the busiest passenger port in France. Historically, it was England's beachhead in France, until Mary Tudor went and lost it.
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How far is caen from Calais?

Calais and Caen are 345 km apart. The driving time is a little over 3 hours.
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Where port is calais?

Its in Northeastern France directly across the English Channel from Dover. It is the closest French port from England. It is where the Nazis thought the Allied Armies would la ( Full Answer )
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What is halfway between Calais and Paris?

The town of Amiens is halfway between Calais and Paris. A very nice town\nwith a magnificent cathedral and its gardens in the marshes (both \nencompassed in a World Heritage s ( Full Answer )
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Can you buy it in Calais?

They certainly sell it, but do give them more information on what you are looking for.
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How many miles is it from calais to Bordeaux?

858 kilometres (533 miles) taking this route: . Take A16 ROUEN (péage [toll]) from Calais to A28 to ROUEN at SORTIE (EXIT) 23. . Take A28 down to Rouen. Once you have cr ( Full Answer )