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What is a caldera?

A caldera is a depression in the land surface caused by thecollapse of land into an emptied magma chamber as a result of aneruption of a stratovolcano. A caldera indicates tha (MORE)

How does a caldera form?

A caldera is a large depression in a volcano. Most calderas form in one of two ways: by collapse of the top of a composite volcano after the magma chamber is drained.
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How is caldera formed?

when a very large volume of magma is erupted, the overlying rocks may collapse, much like a piston pushing down in a cylinder. The collapse produces a hole or depression at th (MORE)

Can a caldera erupt?

Yes. A volcano that has formed into a caldera can continue toerupt, and, over the course of thousands of years, may even producemultiple caldera-forming eruptions.
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What is the caldera of santorini?

The caldera of Santorini is the gulf surrounded by the roughlycrescent-shaped island. This caldera formed when the islandunderwent a cataclysmic volcanic eruption between 1500 (MORE)

What is a caldera eruption?

A caldera eruption, or caldera-forming eruption is an enormousexplosive volcanic eruption. Such an eruption drains huge amountsof magma from beaneath the volcano, causing it t (MORE)

Which volcano has a caldera?

Many volcanoes have formed calderas including the Yellowstonevolcano, the Taupo Volcano, Santorini, Mount Tambora, and Krakatoa.

What is a caldera how is it hot?

A caldera is a large depression in the ground that forms when avolcano produces a very large eruption. So much magma is drainedfrom below that the volcano collapses into the s (MORE)

When is caldera form?

When a large explosive volcanic eruption destroys most of thevolcano, the resulting large crater is called a caldera.