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When was the 365 day calendar invented?

In 46 BCE, Julius Caesar reformed the Roman calendar by extending  the common year from 355 days to 365 days. Two years later, the  month of Quintilis was renamed July in hi (MORE)

Is south Korea a day ahead on the calendar?

Yes. Note that South Korea does NOT follow daylight saving time. When there is no DST in the US, Korea is: 14 hours ahead Eastern Time Zone, 15 hours ahead Central Time Zone (MORE)
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Why did the egyptians base their calendars on 360 days not 365 days?

Because then, there was only 360 days. THE STORY so Nut ( the sky goddess ) was about to have 5 kids. The current king didn't want them to be born or else they would become t (MORE)
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What is the number of days in the Islamic calendar?

"The Islamic calendar, Muslim calendar or Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar consisting of 12 lunar months in a year of 354 or 355 days. Being a purely lunar calendar, it is n (MORE)
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What day is April 15 by Jewish Calendar?

You mean American Tax Day? The Hebrew Calendar is a luni-solar calendar which means that it follows the months of the moon and eventually corrects itself by making some year (MORE)

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To synchonize our calendar we use a leap year every 4 years Why can't we invent a perfect calendar that requires no adjustment?

The year is (on average) 365.2525 days long making it impossible to divide it up into an even number of days. Most people are aware that we add another day every four years bu (MORE)