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What are some of a calico cats personalities?

A calico cat is not a type of breed; it is a color pattern on the cats fur. The cat itself could be a domestic short hair, manx, Persian, and many more breeds that can have th (MORE)

How do you tell a male calico fish from a female calico fish?

Calico is a name given to a variety of goldfish that appear to have no scales. They can be sexed in exactly the same way that one sexes goldfish ('cos that's what they are). D (MORE)

What is a calico dress?

If you have ever watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie, the dresses that Laura and Mary wear as little girls are made of calico. Calico is a material that is sprig (MORE)

What do wild calico rabbits eat?

Wild calico rabbits do not exist as a normality. Someone has turned them loose and they have reproduced. They eat what all wild OR domestic rabbits eat; alfalfa, grasses and h (MORE)
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What are calico critters?

Calico Critters (Sylvanian Families) Calico critters are a line of toy produced in the year of 1985. Calico critters are cute and cuddly little animals that can move their (MORE)

How can you tell a female calico cat from a male calico cat?

Females are the only calico cats! Another Answer The above answer isn't entirely correct - it is possible for a male cat to have calico patterning, but this is rare. See Rel (MORE)

What is calico used for?

    Calico fabric was popular during the 1800's. It was a common cotton fabric often known as being used by the pioneers. It is referenced in the "Little House on the (MORE)

Why are calico cats called calico?

One of the definitions for the word "calico" refers to a cloth or other object that has patches of different colors, hence "calico cat."
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