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What is the shortest album ever made called?

It's more likely to be 'Human Jerky' by the goregrind band 'Cattle Decapitation'. It comes in at 12 minutes 26 seconds. It was released in 1999 and has 18 tracks. :) an album (MORE)

What boyzone new album called?

Boyzone's newest album is called Brother which is dedicated to Stephen Gately because Stephen was like there brother.
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What is the one direction second album called?

Their second album is called Take Me Home. The tracks featured on this album include: 1. Live While We're Young 2. Kiss You 3. Little Things 4. C'mon C'mon 5. Last First Kiss (MORE)

What are rihanna's albums called?

Music of the sun, Wait your turn, Girl like me, Good girl gone bad, The last song, Rated R and Loud wait your turn and the last song are songs not actual albums like the oth (MORE)

Why is aventura last album called the last?

  It's called "The Last" for many reasons. It could be the last Aventura album, but that's because the record label [Premium Latin] owns the name. We may have to change fr (MORE)