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What are a dogs caloric needs?

dogs poop a lot and they fart a lot, so dont feed dogs a lot of beans cuz they tend to get a tad gassy Your vet will tell you, but need varies with size and age.
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What does the caloric intake depend on in a person?

If you do not have access to a metabolic measurement, you can use an equation to estimate your basic calories. The most accurate one is the Mifflin-St. Joer equation. Weight i (MORE)

What is the definition of caloric theory in physics?

Caloric theory said that heat is travelling from hot body to cold one in form of a fluid and this fluid is called as caloric , this is actually the problem because you know th (MORE)

What does tener calor mean?

It literally translates to "to have heat". However, when it is used in a sentence, it describes something as "being hot". If it is 100 degrees outside, you could say, "Yo te (MORE)

How do you find your caloric intake?

You don't really "find" your caloric intake, as it is something you participate in. You can track your caloric intake by simply monitoring what you eat and drink during a day. (MORE)