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Give a sentence for calumny?

They would see to it that every suspicious whisper and outright calumny would be repeated in print, breathing fire into the growing spirit of faction. -- William Safire
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Calumny in a sentence?

Calumny is defined as the act of making defamatory statementsagainst another people in order to tarnish their reputation. Thecalumny against the president forced him to resign (MORE)
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What is calumny?

Calumny is slander : making false and defamatory statements in order to damage someone's reputation.
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Sentence for calumny?

Calumny is when someone makes false or hurtful statements aboutsomeone else to damage their reputation. A good sentence would be,the woman is taking the man to court for calum (MORE)
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What is a calumny?

Calumny ( noun ) is a falsification or misrepresentation specifically intended to disparage or discredit another. It can also be false charges that are intentiona (MORE)
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A sentence using the word calumny?

Corban knew there were words for what Devin was doing up there on the witness stand, one of those words was slander, another word was one his English teacher had used to descr (MORE)