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How did US President Calvin Coolidge die?

Coolidge, age 60, died at his home in Northampton , Massachusettsaround noon on January 5, 1933. Most likely he died of a heartattack. His wife had gone out shopping in the mo (MORE)

Did Calvin Coolidge have children?

Coolidge and his wife Grace Goodhue Coolidge had two sons. Calvin,  Jr. died at age 16 from an infection in his foot that he got from a  blister.    John Coolidge (Sep (MORE)

Where did Calvin Coolidge go to school?

His High School was the Black River Academy close to Ludlow,  Vermont but spent his last bit of High School at St. Johnsbury  Academy in St. Johnsbury, Vermont due to their (MORE)

Did Calvin Coolidge have a family?

yes. he had one mom that died of an infection in her lungs, one dad who died at age 80, one stepmom who was a school teacher, and one sister who died at age 15
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What are facts about Calvin Coolidge?

Calvin Coolidge was born on the 4th of July. President Coolidge was a skilled and effective public speaker holding over 500 press conferences (a record at the time), yet his (MORE)

Who was the US President after Calvin Coolidge?

Herbert Clark Hoover was the US President after Calvin Coolidge. Herbert Hoover was the 31th President of the United States from 1929 March 4 to 1933 March 4.
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Who swore in Calvin Coolidge as an American president?

He father, John Coolidge, swore in him the first  time when Harding died suddenly and he was visiting at home. Chief  Justice William Howard Taft swore in him the  second t (MORE)

Did Calvin Coolidge love anything?

Coolidge was not unloving. He loved his wife and his family. He was  severely grieved by the untimely death of his second son.
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