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What is the capital of Cambodia?

The capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh is once known as the "Pearl of Asia," this is Cambodia'seconomic, political, industrial, and cultural center making it t (MORE)
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What is mined in Cambodia?

Inker cement, laterite blocks, phosphate rock, quartz sand, sand and gravel, crushed stones, sandstone, and salt; clay, gemstones, gold, iron ore, and limeare all mined in Cam (MORE)

Where was Cambodia found?

Cambodia is along the western border of Vietnam, with a northern border touching Laos, and a western border with Thailand as a neighbor; the southern portion is coastline. For (MORE)

When was Cambodia colonized?

Because of threatening from Thailand and Laos, Cambodia decided to ask France for protection in 9 November 1953. France helped to protect Cambodia from Thailand and Laos, but (MORE)

Is Cambodia communist?

no Cambodia is a democracy and. It became that way after 1975 when Karma Rouge was ; well something happened to him I don't know. It has a multitude of religious beliefs and s (MORE)

What do they eat in Cambodia?

In the Vietnam war, the viets were cannibals b/c they starved during the war. They started killing and eating the Khmer people. Otherwise they killed all the chickens, goats a (MORE)

How do you get into Cambodia in Hobowars?

After completion of the first two adventures, you should explore your lucky numbers from a wonka bar. Do that, then find all the punks & get a Fake Id. After that, go get drun (MORE)

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