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What is the official language of the Cambodian people?

The official language of Cambodia is called "Khmer" and is spoken by roughly 14.8 million people. Cambodia is a country located in the southern Indochina peninsula.
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What does the colors on the cambodian flag mean?

The blue color symbolizes the country's royalty. The red represents the nation and the white represents the religion, beginning with Brahmanism, and the current major religion (MORE)

What do the colors on the Cambodian flag mean?

From what I have read the blue represents royalty, the red represents the nation, the white represents religion, and the emblem of the temple represents the structure of the u (MORE)

How do you say thank you in cambodian?

Several sites spell it different ways, but the one that sounds best to me is "Aakoon". There is also "ar kun" and "orkun" I'm Cambodian and can speak and write Cambodian. The (MORE)

Where does most cambodian live in the US?

  Cambodians have settled across much of the United States. However high concentrations can be found in Long Beach CA, Lowell MA, Lynn MA, Stockton CA, Providence RI, New (MORE)

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How do you say good-bye in Cambodian?

There are many ways to say it in Khmer.    "Lear heouy" and "Choum reap lia" are commonly used.    "Lia suhn haoy" is also an alternative.    An answer by (MORE)

Where did the Cambodian genocide take place?

In the numerous "killing fields" all across the country of  Cambodia. The genocide did not happen in just one place.    Probably the most important and most famous kil (MORE)

What are some Cambodian folk songs?

Two popular folk songs are "Bat Hamrong" and "Bat Sampong," though  there are countless numbers of folk songs, as Cambodians have  always expressed themselves through music (MORE)