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What country do camellias come from?

Georg Joseph Kamel is credited with originally finding the Camellia in the Philippines, which was named in his honour by Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus. However, they are f (MORE)

When do you fertilize camellias?

During the growing season is the time to fertilize camellias. Specifically, camellias tend to grow between April 1st and September 1st. Generally, the time period is divided (MORE)

Why do camellia leaves turn yellow?

If the bush is otherwise healthy then it is probably chlorosis. This can be remedied by a couple of ounces of Epsom Salts in a can of water and water round the roots.
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Are camellia flowers toxic to dogs?

There is a list of plants/flowers that are not toxic to dogs. You will need to click on the relevant link below under Related Links. here is the link that I found from the SPC (MORE)

Why is the Aquilaria sinensis endangered?

  The wood is used in traditional Chinese medicine. Trees of the genus, not just of this species, when wounded and infected with certain fungi produce a resin-rich wood ca (MORE)

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