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What does the camera do?

Cameras record images. Images that we see with our eyes arefleeting - one moment they are there, the next moment they aregone. These same images can be recorded and stored usi (MORE)
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If there were no camera?

Answer . if there were no camera its difficult to spend life.becoz now everbody wants to enjoy to capture the most beautiful scenes of their life.and life would be harsh w (MORE)
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If there were no cameras then?

People today rely on cameras as much as they do having the telephone. If there were no cameras, people might: . try to learn drawing methods . use sketches or portraits mo (MORE)
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What is in a camera?

A digital camera works much the same way a film camera does. Both are essentially light-tight boxes with a hole that can be triggered to open (the lens). On film cameras, the (MORE)
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But how you get a camera?

You go to a store that sells cameras, reach into your pocket, take out your money, wave it in front of the salesperson's face, and say, "hook me up with a camera." It's actual (MORE)
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What does camera?

A doorstop to prevent doors from swinging wildly. A block of something you can use to jam your wheel when you park in an incline. A brick of something you can use to throw (MORE)
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What do cameras have?

Cameras are simply light-tight boxes that have a hole to allow light to enter. A shutter is installed to control the opening and closing of that hole.
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Where do you get the camera?

i got my camera in best buy but you can also try target or PC Richards and son.
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Where can you get a camera?

Depends where you live but you can get them at Walmart or a camera store but basically anywhere.
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What are the of the camera?

A lens, viewfinder, and shutter are the main parts of a camera. Ifit is a digital camera it will have more parts than a manualcamera.