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What is camouflage?

Camouflage (or cryptic coloration) is the process of blending into  the background. It only works if the predator hunts by vision -  animals who hunt by sound or smell are n (MORE)

How turtles camouflage?

Box turtles, land tortoises, and any aquatic turtles have the  ability to put their legs, arms, and head in side of their shell.  The shell is the turtles protector/house if (MORE)

Does the sloth camouflage?

 Yes.  The pelage(fur of entire body) of sloth's hosts a symbiotic  relationship with cyanobacteria exhibiting a green tinge that helps  it blend in with the environment. (MORE)
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Do bobcats have camouflage?

Yes. I once saw one just outside of a neighborhood, skirting a mountainous area, that was a dull orange color with black spots. Pictures show some of them to be gray or tan in (MORE)

How does pandas camouflage?

Panda's camouflage by going near plants and rocks that can hide their black and white fur. So when they camouflage the leopard can not see the cub because they might harm them (MORE)

Are wallabies camouflaged?

Wallabies have colouring that enables them to camouflage naturally within their habitat. Whether they are rock wallabies, swamp wallabies or brush wallabies, they tend to blen (MORE)

What is an camouflage?

It is some form of disguise used to alter the identity or visibility of someone or something. Soldiers use dark colored paints in order to blend in with the forest. In the win (MORE)