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How does camouflage work?

Camouflage is the process of blending into the background. It only works if the predator hunts by looking - animals who hunt by sound or smell are not fooled by camouflage! Ma (MORE)

What is camouflage?

Camouflage (or cryptic coloration) is the process of blending intothe background. It only works if the predator hunts by vision -animals who hunt by sound or smell are not foo (MORE)

How turtles camouflage?

Box turtles, land tortoises, and any aquatic turtles have theability to put their legs, arms, and head in side of their shell.The shell is the turtles protector/house if someo (MORE)

What is camouflaging?

Camouflaging is an adaptation wherein an organism blends into theirenvironment to lessen the chance of being detected. Besidesevolving a similar body colour to their surroundi (MORE)
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What is camouflage answer?

blending in with the envierment Check the link below to see some great examples of camouflage animals.

How can you camouflage?

Get some thing that has the colors of the surrounding area. You can get camo gear, get twigs and hide, or just hide behind something big!

What is an camouflage?

It is some form of disguise used to alter the identity or visibility of someone or something. Soldiers use dark colored paints in order to blend in with the forest. In the win (MORE)
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What is camouflage.?

Camouflage is the art of making yourself, your pickup, and otherthings blend into the background that you are in, and becomedifficult to see. For instance, the bottom of a fis (MORE)