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What was the significance of the Camp David Accords?

The Camp David Accords marked a peaceful solution to a dispute between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Under this first signed peace agreement with an Arab country, Israel agr (MORE)

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Where is Camp David?

  Answer   The Maryland Presididential Retreat that began with the Presidential term Shangri-La bestowed on it by FDR and switched to David by IKE to honor his grand- (MORE)

What are the Camp David Accords?

  The Camp David Accords were "agreements between Israel and Egypt signed on September 17, 1978, that led in the following year to a peace treaty between those two countri (MORE)

What happened after the Camp David accords?

First came the agreement that Jimmy Carter worked out between the president of Egypt and the Premier of Israel. The two nations would recognize each other. Israel would return (MORE)
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What did the Camp David Accords achieve?

Peace between Israel and Egypt was the result. This treaty was  historic, and satisfied one of the US' foreign policy objectives.
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Who signed the Camp David Accords in 1978?

The Camp David Accords were created to make peace between Israel and the Arab countries. It was signed by Anwar El Sadat and Menachem Begin on September 17, 1978.
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