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What was the Peninsular Campaign about?

The place was Yorktown, Virginia, Union General George McCellan and Confederate General Joseph Johnston. The events that took place: McCellan landed along the James Rivers--Mc ( Full Answer )
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What is campaigning?

camaigning is when you work to become a prime minister or someone like that. you put out posters and brochures to let people know that you are running or that why you want to ( Full Answer )
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What are signature campaigns?

A signature campaign is the process of gathering enough signatures to get an initiative or referendum on the ballot.
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What campaigns did the IRA do?

The IRA was first formed as the IRB, standing for Irish Republican Brotherhood. This organistaion fought against the British in Dublin in Easter, 1916 but was defeated and the ( Full Answer )
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How do you do an advertising campaign?

It would depend on what the campaign is for and how much you can afford to lavish on it. With major campaigns specialised companies are employed. Most, if not all succes ( Full Answer )
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What is the Sit-In Campaigns?

Throughout the South, a generation that had grown up withsegregation was about to demand a change -- to stand up, by sittingdown. On January 31, 1960, a black college student ( Full Answer )
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What is a spraying campaign?

A spraying campaign refers to the method our government uses to control insects/disease. They will spray chemicals into the atmosphere via airplane and it will keep insects, e ( Full Answer )
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Is campaign a verb?

Campaign can be used as a noun and a verb. To be used as a verb you must refer to taking part in a campaign.
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What type of campaign is the One Campaign?

The One Campaign group is a Development Advocacy group known for its work at raising public awareness about third world conditions. The group campaigns to combat extreme pover ( Full Answer )
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What is a campaign?

A campaign is a marketing program or organization aimed at bringing attention to an idea or person. Military and political campaigns are popular in the United States.