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What is camphor used for?

Uses for Camphor . \nCamphor has many uses. It can be used to relive Arthritis,stiff muscle, joints and such. \nIt it also used mixed with something like Olive oil to treat (MORE)
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What is a camphor laurel?

camphor laurel n (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Plants) an Australian name for the camphor tree, now occurring in the wild in parts of Australia. Collins English D (MORE)

Camphor synthesis of camphor by retro-synthesis?

Expmt # 803 The Synthesis of Camphor from Camphene: Carbocation Rearrangment & Jones Oxidation Adapted from "Experiments in Organic Chemistry: From Microscale to Macrosc (MORE)
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What is the use of camphor?

Camphor can be used as a topical analgesic or as an aromatic, orboth. It is one of the active ingredients in pain-relieving salvesand balms that are common in Asian and sports (MORE)

What is a sentence for camphor?

Well, camphor is a compound taken from the bark of a tree. so agood sentence would be..... . Just thought I'd post something I stumbled across, rathercamphor manufacture unha (MORE)

What is synthetic camphor?

It is crystalline solid which can be derived from Alpha Pinene. There is various stage of reactions as Alpha Pinene to Camphene then Camphene to Iso Borneol and then IBA to Bo (MORE)

Why camphor sublimes?

Camphor is solid material ,that is sublimate.The bond of the camphor breaks when the specific temperature is given to the camphor which directly changes the state of camphor i (MORE)
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What is camphore?

u can either have an oil, ball or gaseous farm of it. You ca use it to contact spirits and ghosts.

Can camphor sublime?

Like any solid, camphor CAN sublime. The fact that you can smell itso well attests to that fact (you can smell the vapor that hassublimed from the solid).