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What is camphor used for?

  Uses for Camphor     Camphor has many uses. It can be used to relive Arthritis,stiff muscle, joints and such.   It it also used mixed with something like Ol (MORE)
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Is camphor bad for your health?

  It has great analgesic topical capabilities: when apply on body it helps remove some pain. If ingested in large amount it can be poisonous. Camphor is found in many (MORE)

Is camphor a volatile substance?

Yes, it is volatile enough to smell it, but the amount is very, very low. Thanks to the (also) very low odour treshold (=high odour potency) you can smell it. Camphor is a (MORE)

What is synthetic camphor?

It is crystalline solid which can be derived from Alpha Pinene. There is various stage of reactions as Alpha Pinene to Camphene then Camphene to Iso Borneol and then IBA to Bo (MORE)

Can you mix camphor oil with water?

Chemically, Oil and Water do NOT mix. If u are planning on making a massage mix, blend with other base oils, like VCO, Almond or Grapeseed or add other essential oils for diff (MORE)