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What was Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War was a terrible war throughout the 1960's and 1970's. It was located in Vietnam, in southeast Asia. This war was not declared a war until long after it had fini (MORE)

Who owned Vietnam in the Vietnam War?

France owned Vietnam until they pulled out in the 1950's, and the US stepped in. After that, Vietnam was divided like Korea into Communist North and non-Communist South, but N (MORE)

What Happened to Vietnam after the Vietnam war?

Even after Vietnam war, the country is well developed and it's now  one among the well developed country in the world. There are too  many historical places and attractions (MORE)

What are the wars after Vietnam?

1. Operation Urgent Fury-Grenada 1983 (19 US killed) 2. Operation Just Cause-Panama 1989 (23 US killed) 3. Operation Desert Storm-Iraq 1991 (146 US killed) 4. Operation Restor (MORE)

Vietnam and the Vietnam war?

Vietnam is a communist country since 1975. Prior to 1975 there were two Vietnams; a NORTH and a SOUTH Vietnam. Those two nations fought from about 1955 until 1975, with the (MORE)

What war was after the Vietnam war?

1. Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada 1983) was the first US military campaign after the Vietnam War. 2. Operation Just Cause (Panama 1989) was the second one. 3. Operation Desert (MORE)

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