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Is there a national park in the Canadian Shield?

There are a number of parks on the Canadian Shield. This is not surprising, considering how huge the Shield is. Both National and Provincial parks are included in this partial (MORE)

Vegetation on the Canadian shield?

i hope this will help you :)  The vegetation in the Canadian Shield region of Canada is very different than the rest of Canada. The vegetation of the Canadian Shield is mostl (MORE)

Where is the Canadian Shield Located?

The Canadian shield is located in the center of Canada. Northern Quebec and Ontario. In the Mississippi river in Colorado,
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Where is the Canadian shield?

The Canadian shield is located in Canada. It is almost in the  Middle of Canada. There are many mountains. It gets pretty cold.  The provinces are Ontario, and Quebec.
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What are the land forms in the Canadian shield?

a Canadian is the largest rigion in Canada. It covered the northeast alverta, northern saskachewan, nortern Manitoba, southern nwt, Ontario, quebec eastern minnesota, northern (MORE)
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Why do people live in the Canadian shield?

The Canadian Shield region of Canada is a big region. It is the largest sub-region in the northern region of the country. It is 4.8-billon square km in area. It is located in (MORE)

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