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Top special forces of the world?

Genraly most Military experts and books say the British S.A.S & S.B.S are the best special forces in the world. It makes sence realy as the British S.A.S & S.B.S are the most (MORE)

How do you get into special forces?

You have to join the military first, then if you show a high aptitude and an interest in joining the special forces you may get given the oppurtunity to try for selection. How (MORE)

What does it take to be a special forces soldier?

  It takes commitment, determination and the willingness to succeed. It not only takes commitment to train and prepare the body physically for the arduous conditions of th (MORE)

How do you become a Special Forces Officer?

In order to become a Special Forces officer you must be a 1st Lieutenant promotable or a Captain already. Once you have attained either rank, you must volunteer for Special Fo (MORE)

What are the ranks in the Canadian Forces?

RanksNavyArmy / Air Force / General OfficersAdmiral (Adm) | General (Gen) / Vice-Admiral (VAdm) | Lieutenant-General (LGen) / Rear-Admiral (RAdm) | Major-General (MGen) / Comm (MORE)
In Israel

What is the name of the israel special forces?

There are 2 types of "Special Forces" units in the Israeli Defence  Forces;    1. "Palsar" - reconnaissance and raiding companies integral to  Brigades of the Army: e (MORE)

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