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Is the US Supreme Court an appellate court?

Yes. Most cases reach the US Supreme Court as appeals of decisions from lower federal and state courts. The US Supreme Court is not only an appellate court, however. They ha (MORE)

Why is the US Supreme Court called Supreme?

Answer A Supreme Court is the highest you can go to; there is nothing higher and they are the final word on the matter. Thus they are the court that is supreme above all othe (MORE)

Why is the Supreme Court the highest court in the US?

There has to be a supreme court or people would appeal endlessly to  a higher court. There has to be a court where the decision is final  and there is no higher court to app (MORE)

Can you email the US Supreme Court?

No, the US Supreme Court doesn't accept email from the general public. You can send regular mail to the following address (street address not required): Public Information O (MORE)

How does the appellate court relate to the Supreme Court?

Federal and state supreme courts (or their equivalent) are the highest appellate courts in their jurisdiction and have authority to make the final decision on a case under rev (MORE)

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