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What is a canard?

In the French language, a canard is a duck. In English, a canard is a deliberately false or misleading story, or a type of aircraft in which primary horizontal control and ( Full Answer )
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What is a definition of canard?

In French, Canard means duck , but also journal (newspaper) in light slang ( argot ). It is also used when a musician plays the wrong note or emits a strange sound (kwak) ( Full Answer )
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Where did magret de canard originate?

The first chef ever to cook magrets is said to be André Daguin, living in Southern France in the 1960s.
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What is canard in French?

Canard means duck (as in the animal, not the verb). This is not to be confused with cafard - the French word for cockroach!
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Canard in a sentence?

A canard is basically a rumor or story. A good sentence for thisword would be, the canard is that kids will become violent fromplaying video games too much.
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What is the meaning of the old canard?

I won't take credit for this, found this from Merriam-Webster online dictionary and the term old canard probably refers to the first definition of the word. canard ca· ( Full Answer )
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What is un canard in English?

Un canard translates to English as 'a duck'. Note. the word canard exists in English, meaning 1. a silly mistake, often of a social kind, cf 'faux pas'. 2. an aerof ( Full Answer )
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What type of bird is a canard?

A canard is usually an aquatic bird. The word "canard" is a French word. This word stands for "duck" or "waterbird" and originated in medieval France.
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Is canard masculine or feminine in French?

In French, the word canard is masculine. Canard is a male duck and Cane is female. The term 'canard' alsorefers to a tactic used by a parent duck to draw a predator awayfrom ( Full Answer )