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Why was inuyasha canceled?

They stopped it because it had caught up with the manga back then.   On to the good news, recently in Shonen Sunday #31, they announced that a "big news" will be announced (MORE)

Why did they cancel recess?

they didn't cancel it they just don't make new episodes i wish they did but they don't but you can watch it during the summer and every morning (except Monday) at 6:00 AM.
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Who canceled the Animaniacs?

Everyone on You Tube says it was someone called Jamie Keller. If you have a different answer, feel free to post it. P.S. If this is true, I am trying to get in touch with hi (MORE)

Why did Conan get cancelled?

if u are talkng about obrien i cant help u there but if u are talking about the barbarian show i can help u i got canceled because of its stereotype and its lack of veiwers bu (MORE)

Is Glee canceled?

Yes. Glee has been cancelled. It's final season began January 09th  2015 with a disappointing 2.3 million viewers & 0.7 18/49 demo  score.
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How do you cancel a wedding?

Canceling a wedding: . Get in touch with the church and cancel . Get in touch with the reception hall or wherever you are having the reception. You may well lose your d (MORE)

Is endurance cancelled?

Sadly, yes. The last season was Fiji. Discovery Kids stopped funding it. Now DK is called the Hub. On the Hub you can watch season reruns. You should begin watching soon becau (MORE)