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How do you cancel websense?

Go 2 control panel on start then go 2 administrative tools then go 2 services. Wen ur at services u click websense program on the right and press stop! There easy 2 it! Dont g (MORE)

How can you cancel your bcbs?

Depends on whether you purchased the plan on your own or have the plan through an employer. Employer purchased: You will need to have had a 'qualifying event'. Best thing t (MORE)

Who cancelled The Nanny?

It is unknown who the CBS executive was that decided to cancel TheNanny, that is assuming it was the decision of one lone individual.
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Is cancelled a verb?

Yes cancelled is a past tense verb. Canceling is an action. It means to get rid of.

Did the troop get cancelled?

Someone told me it might come back on in February or march. Hope so soon :D.wish it would but the last episode i think is the doom hound