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What is candela?

Candela is the basic SI unit of luminous intensity. In other words it is a measure of how bright/intense the human eye perceives the light in a given direction.
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What is the symbol for candela?

The symbol of candela is cd. The luminous intensity or candlepower of a light is expressed in candelas.
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What is the difference between a lumen and a candela?

The candela measures luminous intensity, whereas the lumen measures luminous flux. In simple terms, you can think of luminous intensity as being similar to 'brightness', w (MORE)
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What is the equation for candela?

A candela is the power emitted by a source of light in a set direction with a correction to account for the different sensitivity of the human eye to different wavelengths of (MORE)
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The candela is a unit of measurement of what?

A candela is a unit of measurement for light sources and light emissions. Light beams projects different color at different wavelengths, and a candela is used to measure the i (MORE)
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What has the author Silvestro Candela written?

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What has the author Guido Candela written?

Guido Candela has written: 'Economia delle arti' -- subject(s): Arts, Culture, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Arts, Economic aspects of Culture, Marketing