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Is candidate an adjective?

No, it is not. "Candidate" is a noun. Adjectives are words that  describe nouns. For example, we might describe a candidate using  the adjectives 'eligible', 'potential' or (MORE)

What do candidates think about?

  What candidates think about throughout elctions is what they are going to do to become president and what they will do when they do when they become president.
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Why are you the candidate for this job?

as i have the potential, enthusiasm & experience in the same field . I know how to handle and deal with the client. I have a complete sense of ensuring the best result. I have (MORE)

What does candidate mean?

Candidate is a noun that means "an individual who potentially will accept a position". This is generally used in reference to either a job or an elected position, such as call (MORE)

What is a Catholic Candidate?

A candidate in the Catholic Church is someone in the process of becoming a member of the Catholic faith who has already been baptized in another Christian Church by means reco (MORE)
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What is a stealth candidate?

"Stealth Candidate" is used, typically in hindsight after an election, to refer to two different kinds of politicians. What they have in common is that their core beliefs and (MORE)
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What was the candide about?

Candide was a satire written by Voltaire. It's about a lot of things, but the story primarily makes fun of some of the philosophies at the time (as seen by Pangloss and his ri (MORE)

What is an EE candidate?

It is a candidate (Employment Equity) that is selected based on his race. It is a reversed apartheids program enforced by the new South African government to advance Black, In (MORE)

Who are candidates for politics?

Anyone can be a politician if they set their minds to it. A lot of our politicians come from completely different backgrounds. All you need is to be driven about helping the c (MORE)

Who were the candidates in 1968?

Richard Nixon (R) 301 electoral votes, Hubert Humphrey (D) 191 electoral votes, George Wallace (I) 46 electoral votes were the three candidates.
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