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What is a candidate vaccine?

When new vaccines are being needed, they are created by drug companies that are approved to develop vaccines by the governments, who have pre-ordered the vaccines, making the (MORE)

What is candidate system?

A candidate System is needed while designing a system.  It represents the original System to be made and analysed by the  analist so that changes and improvements can be mad (MORE)

Why are you a suitable candidate?

Many people are considered a suitable candidate because they have  prior job experience. The can also have educational experience,  references, and a good work ethic.

What is an internal candidate?

Internal candidate is someone who already works for the company. This term is typically used when an employer is considering filling a position with someone who is already an (MORE)

What is EE Candidate?

An "EE" candidate is an "Employment Equity" candidate. The Employment Equity Act is a law that was passed by two countries (Canada and South Africa) where individuals that wer (MORE)

How is Candide a satire?

Voltaire uses the character of Dr. Pangloss to mock the philosophy of Gottfried Wilhem von Leibniz who basically believed that because God created everything in the world for (MORE)
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What was the candide about?

Candide was a satire written by Voltaire. It's about a lot of things, but the story primarily makes fun of some of the philosophies at the time (as seen by Pangloss and his ri (MORE)

What is an EE candidate?

It is a candidate (Employment Equity) that is selected based on his race. It is a reversed apartheids program enforced by the new South African government to advance Black, In (MORE)

Are you a candidate for ablation?

Ablation refers to a surgical procedure to correct heart murmurs  and irregular heartbeat. Candidates for cardiac ablation surgery  are under 80 years of age and are not res (MORE)