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What is the oral candidiasis?

Answer   Thrush. common in infants.     Answer   candidiasis is a condition with yeast-like fungus. think yeast infection for women but it is in your mouth.
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How do you treat candidiasis?

Candidiasis (commonly called thrush) - is a yeast infection treatable by anti-fungal medication prescribed by a doctor.
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How is candidiasis treated?

There are a couple of treatments for Candidiasis....Once this is diagnosed by a Physcian (can be oral, known as Thrush, Topical or Genital) Treatment usually involves an Anti- (MORE)

Can brewers yeast cure candidiasis?

No, it can do the reverse! For more information and a list of foods to avoid, see the page link, futher down this page, listed under Related Questions. .
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How do you cure candidiasis?

Various treatment options for Candidiasis: drug therapy; creams, pills, oil tablets, vaginal tablets, alternative therapy; reducing sugar intake, increase dairy intake, limiti (MORE)