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What is the oral candidiasis?

Answer . Thrush. common in infants.. Answer . candidiasis is a condition with yeast-like fungus. think yeast infection for women but it is in your mouth.
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How do you treat candidiasis?

Candidiasis (commonly called thrush ) - is a yeast infection treatable by anti-fungal medication prescribed by a doctor.
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How is candidiasis treated?

There are a couple of treatments for Candidiasis....Once this is diagnosed by a Physcian (can be oral, known as Thrush, Topical or Genital) Treatment usually involves an Anti- (MORE)
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How is candidiasis transmitted?

Candida yeasts are commonly present in humans, and their growth is normally limited by the human immune system and by other microorganisms, such as bacteria occupying the sam (MORE)
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How can vaginal candidiasis be prevented?

To limit recurrences, women may need to take a prescription anti-fungal drug such as terconazole (sold as Terazol) or take other anti-fungal drugs on a preventive basis.
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How can vaginal candidiasis be treated?

In most cases, vaginal candidiasis can be treated successfully with a variety of over-the-counter antifungal creams or suppositories.
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What are the qualifiers of a candidiasis diet?

You may want to consider a candidiasis diet if you have a yeastinfection, thrush, rash, vomiting, fever, increased urination orabdominal pain. Signs of vomiting and fever shou (MORE)
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How do you cure candidiasis?

Various treatment options for Candidiasis: drug therapy; creams, pills, oil tablets, vaginal tablets, alternative therapy; reducing sugar intake, increase dairy intake, limiti (MORE)