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Why are candy canes a part of Christmas?

because if u flip it upside down its a J for jesus They weren't always. In the 1700's when they first appeared, they were straight candy sticks and took a lot of time to mak (MORE)

Can you freeze candy canes?

I have frozen candy canes in the past, but my experience is that the moisture in the freezer causes them to "bleed" and their stripes are not as crisp, and they sometimes get (MORE)

What does candy cane mean?

The shape stands for the first letter of Jesus's name.   The white stands for his purity.   The thin red stripe stand for the whip mark across his back.   The thick r (MORE)

Do candy canes have gelatin in them?

  I have not seen a candy cane recipe with gelatin. Candy canes are made out of sugar or corn syrup, colors and flavors.
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Why is candy cane associated with Christmas?

candy canes are yummy. Long ago, people created a hard rock candy that will symbolize Jesus. The shape J is the first letter of his name and the white shows his purity. The r (MORE)

Can horses eat candy canes?

  Yes, horses can eat candy canes. But i wouldn't suggest you make it a regular part of your horse's diet. Just like us, horses dont need sweets every day.

What do the colors of the candy cane represent?

It is not known. There is an urban legend that they represent the blood of the Christian demigod Jesus (red) and his or his mother's purity (white); and also that the "J" shap (MORE)

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