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Can you see Mars' moons from Mars?

Yes, though they're much smaller and dimmer than the Moon appears from Earth. Phobos appears about a third as large as the Moon does from Earth, and Deimos (only about half th (MORE)

Where is Mars?

Mars is the fourth planet away from the Sun in the Solar System, approximately 206,600,000 to 249,200,000 km away from the Sun and 57,936,384 to 402,336,000 km away from Earth (MORE)

What does a Mars rover do on Mars?

It explores the surface of mars and it is a robot like feature. It shows the surface of mars and the NASA people can see what is happening on mars. They're seeing if there are (MORE)

How did nasa get the Mars rover on Mars?

The Spirit and Opportunity rovers were each launched on an Atlas V rocket, travelled throughout space for about 6 months, then parachuted through Mars's atmosphere and landed (MORE)

What is Mar?

  Answer   are you talking about mar as in for medicine purposes? if you are then mar is a sheet that has the persons name and a list of meds and what the med is use (MORE)

Why was Mars named Mars?

Mars is named Mars after the god of war representing blood because the god of war killed alot of people
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When did the three Mars rovers get on Mars?

There have been four successful rover landings on Mars. Two of  those rovers are still operational.   Sojourner landed on Mars on July 4, 1997.   Spirit landed on Mar (MORE)