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How does a canoe float on water?

Same way as anything else - displacement, in that the mass of water displaced by the canoe's hull is greater than the mass of the canoe itself. This means the canoe is effecti (MORE)

What is canoeing?

Canoeing is a water-based activity that involves paddling a canoe. The Canoeist is sat or kneels in the canoe and has a paddle (a long pole with blades on each end) the canoei (MORE)

When did the native Americans use canoes?

Many tribes of native Americans never used canoes because their environment did not permit their use. On the coasts, along major waterways and in areas with many lakes canoes (MORE)

How long is a canoe?

Canoes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their length generally ranges from 14 feet to 18 feet, but some are as short as 10 feet and some as long as 30 feet or more. The (MORE)

What is canoe poling?

Canoe poling uses a pole to propel the canoe. It is usually done on a calm river or stream.
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WhaT is faster canoe or kayak?

Due to kayaks using a twin blade and a more effective seating position a kayak will be quicker in a flat water race of equal distance . The main reason for this is that the ka (MORE)