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Is puzzleshipping a canon?

Most of it is all a matter of opinion but in some cases yes it is canon. The two characters spend more time physically touching one another (holding hands, hugging) than payin (MORE)
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What are the steps in canonization?

There are four major steps: 1.) A study of the person is made to see if they showed some form of heroic virtue. If the answer is yes they are given the title Servant of God. 2 (MORE)

What is a canon pairing?

  A canon pairing is a romantic/sexual relationship legitimately proven or highly supported throughout the series/show/novel that the characters interact in. A canon pairi (MORE)

Why was The Bible canonized?

Canon in this sense means a rule or standard. The Bible was canonized to establish what were the authoritative books to be used by the church in its preaching and teaching. Th (MORE)

What does canonized means?

Canonization (or, canonisation) is the act by which a particular Christian church declares a deceased person to be a saint
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What is a canon couple?

  A coupling that exists in the game/anime itself, not a part of fanfiction or spin-offs. For example, Tidus and Yuna is a canon couple, but not so with Auron and Yunale (MORE)

What is literary canon?

A group of literary works that are generally accepted as  representing a field.The literary canon is a collection of works  and authors who have a general seal of approval f (MORE)