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Can you give your rabbit cantaloupe?

Yes, but be aware that too much may cause tummy aches and diarrhea. Orange wedges, baby carrots, dry bead and cheerios are much better, safer treats for your bunny. Also remem (MORE)

Can bunnies eat cantaloupe?

Yes, but only in tiny amounts. Cantaloupe is high in sugar and low in nutrients. If rabbits eat too many treats like cantaloupe, they will fall ill. See the related question ( (MORE)

Do wild rabbits like cantaloupe?

Wild rabbits will tend to nibble on fruits and vegetables that you may grow in your garden, they're awfully annoying too, and they'll nibble on tomatoes, cantaloupe, and even (MORE)

How do you tell when a cantaloupe melon is ripe?

A ripe Cantaloupe is difficult to judge from external appearance only and short of cutting it open in the store it can be hit and miss to find a good one. The best way is to l (MORE)

Will cantaloupe ripen off of the vine?

No cantaloupe does not ripen off the vine. Wait to pick it until the leaf right next to the fruit shrivels up and falls off, or wait until the fruit falls off the vine.
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How can you freeze cantaloupe?

  Freezing cantaloupes, watermelon, honeydews and other melons is easy! You simply use an ice cream scoop to scoop out balls of melon, then pack them in freezer containers (MORE)

Is cantaloupe ok for dogs?

  I can't tell from a medical point of view, but our 6-month old lab/sheperd puppy goes crazy for cantaloupe. She's been eating it for 2 months now and is as healthy as it (MORE)
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What are cantaloupes?

In US nomenclature, the cantaloupe is any orange-flesh melon of the species Cucumis melo. The name also refers to melons which are sometimes called rockmelons or muskmelons.