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What is a cantaloupe?

A melon with a bumpy surface, with orange flesh. It tastes sweeter and is chewier than most other melons.. It is a greyish color melon with an orange interior (the part you e (MORE)

What are cantaloupes?

In US nomenclature, the cantaloupe is any orange-flesh melon of the species Cucumis melo . The name also refers to melons which are sometimes called rockmelons or muskmelon (MORE)

How do you can cantaloupe?

One grows/purchases a canteloupe and subsequently places this canteloupe in some form of can. A clsoing device can be used to seal it. If you want, you could put in some of th (MORE)

Can you can cantaloupe?

Although you cannot can fresh cantaloupe, many people can cantaloupe relish that they make using their fresh cantaloupes. You can can Cantaloupe butter, relish, pickles, j (MORE)

How do you eat a cantaloupe?

Cantaloupes (also called Indiana melons and other regional names) can be eaten raw - simply peel the hard brown-green rind off, scrape the seeds out of the middle and eat the (MORE)

How does listeria get into cantaloupes?

The Listeria is actually on the cantaloupe, not in it. The knife cutting through the surface and into the fruit introduces it to the inside. The actual bacteria is in the soil (MORE)