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What is the difference between a cantata and an opera?

The closer comparison to make is between oratorio and opera. Oratorios were originally created to be the church's response to opera which the 17th century church considered so (MORE)

What is a cantata?

A cantata is a form of vocal chamber music most popular during the Baroque period. It was originally associated with the Lutheran service and has since been applied to other w (MORE)

What is the characteristic of cantata?

The cantata is a vocal genre which could be either secular or sacred and usually based on a lyric or dramatic poem. Solo vocalists, chorus and instrumentalists were part of th (MORE)

What does cantata mean?

The word Cantata is derived from the Italian word "cantare" which means "to sing". It is a vocal genre which could be either sacred or secular featuring solos, chorus, and (MORE)
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What is the difference between chorale and cantata?

Chorale has more than one meaning; one is a large choir, but a chorale as a piece of music would mean a large choir piece, or another meaning was made famous by Johann Sebasti (MORE)

How is the cantata different from opera?

The cantata is only sung, usually accompanied by instruments and/or basso continuo. Cantata's are usually a religious story. The opera is also sung, but the addition of cos (MORE)