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How is the cantata different from opera?

The cantata is only sung, usually accompanied by instruments and/or basso continuo. Cantata's are usually a religious story. The opera is also sung, but the addition of cost (MORE)

Why did bach write the cantata?

Many of these cantatas were written for inclusion in the weekly worship services. In Bach's day, a typical church service could last for 3 or 4 hours. The cantatas were presen (MORE)

What is a cantata?

A cantata is a form of vocal chamber music most popular during the Baroque period. It was originally associated with the Lutheran service and has since been applied to other w (MORE)

What does cantata mean?

  The word Cantata is derived from the Italian word "cantare" which means "to sing". It is a vocal genre which could be either sacred or secular featuring solos, chorus, (MORE)

What is the difference between a motet and a cantata?

  In Bach's time, a sacred German cantata for the Lutheran services was normally named a "Concerto" or "Stücke" ("Piece"), and was usually a mix of brilliant choruses, so (MORE)

What are the various ways Bach used the chorale to unify his cantata?

Typically, Bach's cantatas are each based on a chorale tune. In some of them the tune reappears in different guises in each movement, sometimes in a fugue, sometimes as a grou (MORE)