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What is a cantata?

A cantata is a form of vocal chamber music most popular during the Baroque period. It was originally associated with the Lutheran service and has since been applied to other w ( Full Answer )
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What is the characteristic of cantata?

The cantata is a vocal genre which could be either secular or sacred and usually based on a lyric or dramatic poem. Solo vocalists, chorus and instrumentalists were part of th ( Full Answer )
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What does cantata mean?

The word Cantata is derived from the Italian word "cantare" which means "to sing". It is a vocal genre which could be either sacred or secular featuring solos, chorus, and ( Full Answer )
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How do you use cantata in a sentence?

"The church choir will be performing JS Bach's Cantata No 61 at the morning services today."
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What are cantata performers?

Cantata Performers are individuals that sing in a Cantata. A Cantata is basically a choir that sings music mostly from the Baroque period.
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How many cantatas did Mozart write?

Mozart wrote 600 canatas 60 when he was ten so he was very famous back when he was a boy but never as famous as he is now.
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What is church cantata?

church cantata is a vocal composition with an instrumental accompaniment an often containing more than one movement
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What are the characteristics of cantata?

A cantata tells a story through music and sometimes dialogue, just like an opera... but it isn't staged. It is sort of a concert version of an opera.
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What is the best selling Christmas cantata?

The best selling Christmas cantata is "This Day is Born Emmanuel - A Christmas Cantata". You can find other Christmas cantata on the Choral Music website.