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How is the cantata different from opera?

The cantata is only sung, usually accompanied by instruments and/or basso continuo. Cantata's are usually a religious story. The opera is also sung, but the addition of cost (MORE)
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Is alive the Easter cantata written by joe e parks still in print?

As far as I know Alive by Joe E Parks is not in print anymore. But the United Methodist Church that I go to has 24 Alive cantata books and the accompaniment cassette. I also k (MORE)

What is a cantata?

A cantata is a form of vocal chamber music most popular during the Baroque period. It was originally associated with the Lutheran service and has since been applied to other w (MORE)

What does cantata mean?

  The word Cantata is derived from the Italian word "cantare" which means "to sing". It is a vocal genre which could be either sacred or secular featuring solos, chorus, (MORE)