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Where is Canterbury?

Canterbury is in Kent, in the South East of England. And in the following states: Connecticut Delaware New Hampshire Pennsylvania Maryland South Carolina Virgi (MORE)

How did Canterbury get its name?

Canterbury was first settled in the Iron Age by a Celtic tribe  called the Cantiaci. The Romans invaded Britain in 43 CE and they  called the settlement Durovernum Cantiacor (MORE)

How did the pilgrims travel to Canterbury?

On the pilgrimage to Canterbury, pilgrims would have had two  choices. Either go by foot or horseback. They followed an unpaved  path to the shrine of St. Thomas of Beckett. (MORE)

The prologue to The Canterbury Tales summary?

Chaucer was in an inn, going to pilgrimage to Canterbury. A group of twenty-nine travelers come into the inn and are also going to Canterbury, so Chaucer decides to go with th (MORE)
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How much is the archbishop of Canterbury paid?

From The Sun newspaper in 2008: 'DR ROWAN Williams earns £67,790-a-year and lives in a riverside palace. Other perks as the Archbishop of Canterbury include a generous final (MORE)
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Why was thomas becket archbishop of Canterbury?

Thomas Becket became The Archbishop of Canterbury because King Henry II wanted him archbishop. He wanted him archbishop because Becket was his best friend and he wanted Becket (MORE)