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How did Great Britain get pulled into World War 1?

Beligum went to war with Germany because Germany's plan was to cross or go throughout beligum to attack France from all angles. Belgium had told Germany not to come through be (MORE)
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What is the central theme of the King Canute poem?

king canute speaks of an arrogant king who learns a lesson from nature. the constant flattery of his courtiers encourages him to think himselaf as a god. the stuuborn waves co (MORE)

Who was king canute and what was he famous for?

King Canute (Danish: Knud) became King of Denmark, Norway and England. In 1016AD he conquered most of England after successfully forcing King Æthelræd II (aka. Ethelred the (MORE)

What did King Canute do?

King Canute battled against Edmund Ironside, just as both their fathers did before. They came to an agreement, The Treaty of Olney which gave Edmund rule over southern parts o (MORE)

What is the central theme of King Canute poem by William Makepeace?

the central theme of this poem is that one should only workship the almighty who has created the earth and the seven skies above. the one who control the land and who hold sth (MORE)

Was Great Britain industrialized in World War 1?

  "There is no denying the fact that the Industrial Revolution began in England sometime after the middle of the 18th century. England was the "First Industrial Nation." A (MORE)