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What is a stretched canvas?

Stretched canvas is when the canvas portrait is stretched over & around wooden stretcher bars. The display result is a frameless stunning portrait, just like in a gallery. (MORE)
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Can you use fabric paint on canvas?

Well, fabric paint is just acrylic paint thinned with 'clear textile medium', so I think it's all goods. 
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How do you stretch canvas ballet shoes?

If canvas ballet shoes are too small or need to be broken in, you can do one of two things. The first thing to do, which may or may not make them more comfortable for your f (MORE)

What is a homophone for canvas?

Canvass is a homophone for canvas. Canvas is a type of fabric, and  canvass means to cover.
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Is canvas waterproof?

  No. It will need a waterproofing agent added to it to make it waterproof. Some are pretreated making them waterproof but not all are.
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What are canvas litters?

  Depending on the context of the question, you may be speaking about a piece of canvas secured to two rods or poles and used as a medical stretcher to carry the sick, wou (MORE)

Do moths eat canvas?

Moth's can eat and damage canvas. Moths are known to ruin many  types of fabrics. If someone has a moth issue it is recommended to  leave mothballs around fabric.
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Who sold a blank canvas for millions?

Artist Bob Law's Nothing To Be Afraid Of V 22.8.69, i'm not sure if  it was sold for millions but was believed to be worth around  £60,000
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