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How do you wash canvas?

A colour wash on canvas is quite simple. Dilute your paint to the consistency of milk. Use a wide brush and lay the canvas flat. Start at one side, with a fully loaded b (MORE)

What rhymes with canvas?

Pampas. Compass (nearly). Probably several towns in the USA - look at a map. banvas, lanvas, sandvas . I can't find evidence of the above 'words' actually being real words. (MORE)

What are canvas litters?

Depending on the context of the question, you may be speaking about a piece of canvas secured to two rods or poles and used as a medical stretcher to carry the sick, wounded, (MORE)

Is canvas waterproof?

No. It will need a waterproofing agent added to it to make it waterproof. Some are pretreated making them waterproof but not all are.
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How is a canvas measured?

If you are talking about Canvas Art then it is simply measured by the vertical side and then the horizontal side for example an A1 canvas is 20 x 30 Inches in size.
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How do you waterproof canvas?

I don't think you can't make canvas totally waterproof. However, an aqueous coating may be applied to a painting or giclee canvas prints to protect it from smudges, dirt and f (MORE)

What is a stretched canvas?

Stretched canvas is when the canvas portrait is stretched over & around wooden stretcher bars. The display result is a frameless stunning portrait, just like in a gallery. (MORE)

Is canvas an adjective?

No. It is a noun referring to heavy woven material (covers, sails,art). It is sometimes used as an adjunct: canvas shoes, canvasstretcher.
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