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What does html do?

Short for HyperText Markup Language, HTML defines the structure and  layout of a Web document by using a variety of tags and attributes.
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What is a stretched canvas?

Stretched canvas is when the canvas portrait is stretched over & around wooden stretcher bars. The display result is a frameless stunning portrait, just like in a gallery. (MORE)

What is a homophone for canvas?

Canvass is a homophone for canvas. Canvas is a type of fabric, and  canvass means to cover.
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What are lists of statements that use a single location to specify how to display html and xhtml elements?

A list of statements located in a single file at a specific location that determine how the browser will display HTML or XHTML elements is called a stylesheet. The language a (MORE)

Is canvas waterproof?

  No. It will need a waterproofing agent added to it to make it waterproof. Some are pretreated making them waterproof but not all are.
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About a HTML?

HTML is simply a markup language that instructs the browser how to "paint" the page to the screen. It contains the information to be displayed and instructions about the appea (MORE)

What are canvas litters?

  Depending on the context of the question, you may be speaking about a piece of canvas secured to two rods or poles and used as a medical stretcher to carry the sick, wou (MORE)

What are the HTML?

It is a hyper text markup language for connecting web pages on the web sites. now a days xml is used 4 creating web pages or also used a software named dream viewer OK.HTML is (MORE)