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What are the capabilities of the computer?

Speed: With a speed reaching up to fifty million operations persecond, a computer can process data faster than any other machinedesigned to perform a similar task. That is, ad (MORE)

Capabilities of computer?

ANSWER: . - Ability to perform certain logic questions . - Ability to produce New Time Dimension . - Ability to Store and Retrieve Information . - Ability to c (MORE)
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What is a virus capable of?

I am assuming you mean "What is a virus capable of?". Viruses are capable of a lot of things, and spread by replicating themselves in their host. I would recommend looking (MORE)
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What are the distinct capabilities?

Distinct Capabilities are: (1) Architecture (2) Innovation (3) Reputation Source: John Kay 'Foundations of Corporate Success'. For more information go to LSE.
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What is capable of evolution?

Evolution is a process in which something passes by degrees to adifferent stage, especially a more advanced or mature stage. Inbiology it is the sequence of events involved in (MORE)

What is the suffix of capable?

The suffix of capable is the able part of the word. And the prefix of capable is the cap part in the word. Capable is one of the only words without a root word/base word becau (MORE)