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What are the capabilities of the computer?

 Speed: With a speed reaching up to fifty million operations per  second, a computer can process data faster than any other machine  designed to perform a similar task. Th (MORE)
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What are ghosts capable of?

Ghosts, or Spirits as its better to call them, are normally not capable of much, just appearing when they feel they need to be noticed. BUT, poltergeists and malevolent (bad) (MORE)
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What is intellectual capability?

intellectual capability is having the ability to reason, understand logic,ask questions, discuss and debate topics, communicate fluently, provide effective input etc
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What is backward capability?

  Answer   Backward capability (also backwards compatibility) is the ability of older software to use files made by newer versions of that software. For example, Word (MORE)

What are the capabilities of computer?

1. Accuracy    A computer can process data quickly with 100% correctness if it is fed with right data output.    2. Self-checking    A computer verifies t (MORE)

What is Strategic Capability?

  Strategic capability is quite simply the capacity of a business to survive, prosper and deliver future value. It comprises a number of distinct components. Clarity of th (MORE)

What are robots today capable of doing?

With proper brainstorming and design, today's robots are capable of  doing almost anything. I've seen robots perform a submarine crew  rescue simulation underwater, scout an (MORE)
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What is the noun for capable?

The noun form for the adjective capable is capableness. A related noun form is capability.
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What are the capabilities to a rocket?

That depends on the rocket.    model rockets can lift a couple of ounces several hundred  feet  military tactical rockets can lift a couple of tons several  miles and (MORE)