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What are capacitors?

Capacitors have plates - separated by an insulator - which can store electric charge. Capacitors are not the same as batteries: batteries produce electric charge from chemi (MORE)

What the capacitor does?

a capacitor stores electric energy, it's like a battery that's  really good at quick charges and discharges. Small capacitors can  also be used to smooth out electric curren (MORE)

What is a capacitor for?

  capacitors can be used for many thing they are one of the most common electrical components they limit current differently at different frequency the higher the frequenc (MORE)

What is capacitor and the capacitance of a capacitor?

capacitor is a device to store charge .it is based on the concept that when the potential of the capacitor is decreased it can gain some more charge so Q = CV where V is poten (MORE)
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What are smoothing capacitors?

A Smoothing capacitor is a capacitor that acts to smooth or even out fluctations in a signal. The most common and used application for smoothing capacitors is after a power su (MORE)

Why do electrolytic capacitors have large capacitors?

the have large capacitance value, power rating is high , and its constriction. To smooth power supply ripples.The output of a sinewave with the bottom waves cut off is a pow (MORE)