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What is a capacity swap?

A capacity swap is what got Qwest and global crossing in trouble with the SEC a few years ago. It basically goes like this: Qwest sells $100,000 in capacity to global crossing (MORE)
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What is a Channel capacity?

 If we have a binary symmetric channel with an error probability  Pe , then for error freecommunication over this channel,  message from a source with entropy H(m) must be (MORE)
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What is reproductive capacity?

Reproductive capacity is defined as a measure of the capacity of a  species to reproduce itself under optimum conditions. For example,  the reproductive capacity of a human (MORE)

What is Sustainable Capacity?

  Sustainable Capacity is the total output value of a product or service that is needed to fulfill or satisfy the demand of a given population and continue to do so. Susta (MORE)

What is capacity?

The term capacity refers to how much an object can hold. In  cooking, it may refer to the amount a pot, pan, measuring cup or  spoon can hold.
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What is the capacity of a supertanker?

Over 250,000 tonnes of oil (two million barrels). The largest carry twice that amount, but these are rare and will be scrapped soon.
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