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What is a capacity swap?

A capacity swap is what got Qwest and global crossing in trouble with the SEC a few years ago. It basically goes like this: Qwest sells $100,000 in capacity to global crossing (MORE)
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What is a Channel capacity?

 If we have a binary symmetric channel with an error probability  Pe , then for error freecommunication over this channel,  message from a source with entropy H(m) must be (MORE)

What is the capacity of the SuperDome?

  The Superdome has a maximum seating capacity of 72,003 (expanded) or 69,703 (not expanded)
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What is reproductive capacity?

Reproductive capacity is defined as a measure of the capacity of a  species to reproduce itself under optimum conditions. For example,  the reproductive capacity of a human (MORE)

What is the capacity to do work?

Energy is the capacity to do work. Matter may possess several forms   of energy : kinetic energy , potential energy, internal energy,  flow or   pressure energy, chem (MORE)

What is Sustainable Capacity?

  Sustainable Capacity is the total output value of a product or service that is needed to fulfill or satisfy the demand of a given population and continue to do so. Susta (MORE)

What is the capacity of a 10 can?

  A #10 can holds 12 cups or 3 quarts of liquid and weighs about 6lbs 5 oz. to 7lb 3 oz.
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What is capacity?

The term capacity refers to how much an object can hold. In  cooking, it may refer to the amount a pot, pan, measuring cup or  spoon can hold.
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What is the capacity of a supertanker?

Over 250,000 tonnes of oil (two million barrels). The largest carry twice that amount, but these are rare and will be scrapped soon.
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