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Why is Oregon's capital the capital?

The territorial capital of Oregon was moved from Oregon City after  the California Gold Rush, as the population shifted to Portland  just to the north. Competing interests b (MORE)

What are capital budgeting capital structure and working capital?

Capital Budgeting: Capital budgeting is the process of determining whether real assets (tangible assets such as machinery and equipment or intangible assets such as patents an (MORE)

Is capital city the same as capital?

Yes. A capital is a city: the location of the central government for a state or country. Some countries have more than one capital, because the government branches are in se (MORE)

Does dynasty have to be capitalized?

If it's part of the title it does. Like Han Dynasty has to be capitalized but if I were to say that 500-year dynasty in China, it would not.
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Concept of capital and capital maintenance?

The concepts of capital give rise to the following concepts of capital maintenance: 1. The financial capital maintenance concept is that the capital of a company is only main (MORE)

As of January 1 Sarah Bredy Capital had a credit balance of 21800 During the year withdrawals totaled 1500 and the business incurred a net loss of 24000. What's the balance of capital at the end year?

This is not a valid question and I am not doing your homework foryou. This forum is designed to assist people with answers to theirquestions and issues, not your school work t (MORE)

What is Oklahoma's capital and when did it become the capital?

The capital of oklahoma is Oklahoma City. By one reckoning, it has been the capital since 1910. The first capital was at Guthrie, slightly farther north. It was established (MORE)