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How do you make a cappuccino?

To make a cappuccino without a coffee machine, you must put a cup  of milk in a saucepan and bring it slowly to the boil. In the  meantime, mix a teaspoon of coffee granules (MORE)
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What is a cappuccino?

In starbucks, a cappuccino is espresso with half steamed milk and half foam. For wet cappuccinos, its more milk and dry cappuccinos have more foam.   Cappuccino is an Ital (MORE)
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What color is cappuccino?

Cappuccino is very dark espresso with a cream brown froth layer on  top.   It is a bit like the color of coffee with milk - a pale brown  color.
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What is a cappuccino shirt?

A customised shirt with the Caption, "I love Cappuccino" or "I ♥ Cappuccino" on it, is called a cappuccino shirt.
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What language is cappuccino?

The word 'cappuccino' is Italian; it describes the color of the coffee made in that manner and is derived from the color of the capucin monkeys, named after the Capucin Friars (MORE)
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Are kids allowed to drink cappuccino?

Probably not because, cappuccino contains coffee. But there is a such thing as babyccino. It's doesn't contain coffee and it's made for young children. From: Cappuccino Wiki