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What does the captain in O Captain your Captain symbolize?

The Captain symbolizes the leader of the country. And when he is found dead on the deck of the ship the reader feels what the narrator is describing/feeling upon finding his c (MORE)
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What happens to the captain in 'O Captain my Captain'?

"O Captain! My Captain!" was written to honor the death of a person.The poet wrote the poem after Abraham Lincoln's assassination.He admired Abraham Lincoln and was saddened b (MORE)

What is the stanza for o captain your captain?

It's "O Captain, my Captain", and it comes from a verse from the poet Walt Witman. The particular phrase is also well known for being referenced in the movie Dead Poets Socie (MORE)
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What is captain ball Or captain?

In history, there's a Captain called Ball. Captain Ball. In sports, there's a ball game call captainball. It's a game where a catcher stands on a chair and a blocker blocks (MORE)
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Why was captain dead in o captain your captain?

The Captain represents Abraham Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln gets shot. The whole poem is just an extended metaphor comparing the death of Lincoln to the death of a captain on a (MORE)