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Who do you have to capture?

If you need ,everyone can capture. if you capture screen ,you could do this fllow. Hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard, then open the MS Paint, press CTRL+V, save it and (MORE)

How do they get captured?

they would get soldiers go into the christians homes ad ask them search there also. Because the christains would have a separate room to hide the Jews in like a secret room.

What is my capture?

Print screen, if on the computer, is a process that u could get the image on the screen by using it. There is a print screen key on ur keyboard. Press it, u will get a full (MORE)
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What is positron capture?

The decay of an unstable atom by absorbing a wandering positron into the nucleus, converting a neutron into a proton. One example is how a radioactive form of iodine, 131 (MORE)