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What do cars do?

For some they are astatus symbol, for a few they are a symbol of pollution for most people they simply provide transportation. Transport people and cargo from one place to ano ( Full Answer )
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What is the car?

A unique tool used to transport commercial and business associates by ground. Using various high velocity components, is burns Gasoline, Diesel or Electricity as fuel to prope ( Full Answer )
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What can you do in a car?

it determines on what your planing to do. you can work on its interior or exterior, and if you want to drive. then drive.
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Where can you get cars?

You can get cars from the car store , some Audi , Honda , Benz and Ferrari factory sells their cars in the different cities in the different coutnries .
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How do you get your car out?

First of all, What the heck are you getting it out of? A ditch, impound, garage, mud, quicksand?? Just saying these details are needed.
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What are car?

By definition an automobile or car is a wheeled vehicle that carries its own motor and transports passengers. The automobile as we know it was not invented in a single day by ( Full Answer )
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When to by a car?

You can buy a car at any time, but to be more specific. If your buying from a dealership it's cheaper to purchase a car in the winter then in the summer.
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What cars can you get?

Well if you meen What i think you meen Cars are nothing like motorbikes for this reason When you get a driving license for a car if you have the money you can go out and buy ( Full Answer )
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What can cars do?

A Car can travel using fossil fuels, which are un-renewable and damage the environment, due to these facts, I strongly encourage riding a bike which not only helps yourself, b ( Full Answer )
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What cars did you have?

2 BMW, 1 nissan navara, 1 porshe and 2x harley davidson oh yeah and the mini cooper, alfa romeo guliettA, maserati, land rover, rolls royce, and last but not least volkswagen ( Full Answer )