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What is your dream car?

lambo mercielago or a gallardo   Answer   Ferrari F430 Spyder [[User:Curious2know|Curious2know]] 14:06, 2 Apr 2009 (UTC)~~ :-)
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Can't find my car dream meaning?

If you're feeling lost in a dream, you have a lot of company. The dreams represent confused feelings about "the direction you are headed" in your life. For example, dreams of (MORE)

Dream of death by getting run over by a car?

Dreaming of death by getting run over by a car does not forecast an actual death. It is a symbol for being overwhelmed by something beyond the dreamer's control. The danger co (MORE)

What does it mean if your car brakes do not work in a dream?

To dream that your brakes failed, forewarns that you lack stability in your life. Now is not the time to take risks. Your life is out of control and you need to make some sign (MORE)

What is the meaning of missing car in a dream?

The missing car in the dream is a metaphor for something else that is like a car in some sense. It may be necessary to get ahead, in the sense of moving forward in one's caree (MORE)

If i dream of my boyfriend's car being stolen what does that mean?

No it means nothing at all, we don't know that much about Dreams but what we do know points that when your brain is sorting stuff through your mind whilst you sleep it, and so (MORE)

What does it mean to dream of blue antique car?

In a dream, a car represents someone who properly manages his life, for a car is made from many well coordinated parts, and carries many things and transports them from one lo (MORE)

What do dreams of car crash and death mean?

Dreams speak in symbols and metaphors. So it is very unlikely that a dream about a car crash actually means that there will be a crash or death in real life. The dreamer's sub (MORE)

Dream about someone get hit by a car?

Honestly I had the same dream about someone getting hit by a car.  But I do know that 65% of dreams come true so just alert who ever  you dremp that did get hit so they can (MORE)