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What is the Population of Caracas?

The population of Caracas (capital of Venezuela) was estimated as 1,943,000 in 2011. The metropolitan population was estimated at over 3.4 million.
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Where is Caracas?

Caracas , officially Santiago de León de Caracas , isthe capital, the center of the Greater Caracas Area , and the largest city of Venezuela . Caracas is located along (MORE)

What state is Caracas in?

Caracas is the capital city of Venezuela in South America. Caracas is also the capital city for the State of "Distrito Capital" formerly "Distrito Federal".The metropolitan ar (MORE)

Heathrow to caracas?

There isn't a direct flight from Heathrow,London to Simon Bolivar,Maiquetia (Airport that serves the city of Caracas).

What does caracas mean?

It means "hello man, i think you don't know me!"      Caracas was named after the indiginous people that originally lived there, called the Caraca Indians. They were a (MORE)

Is there McDonald's in Caracas?

There are several, actually. At least 8 that I'm aware of in various areas of the city. I don't know if you're aware but McDonald's positioning in Latin America is a bit up-sc (MORE)