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Does a grand caravan have a timing belt?

No . It uses a timing chain. you can see a diagram of it in the repair information at "AutoZone's" website. The Caravan's with the 4 cylinder engine do use a timing belt.
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How fast did ancient caravans travel?

  Answer   The speed of travel depended much on the terrain and the number in the caravan.  They averaged eight miles per day but could travel as fast as twelve mil (MORE)

What are touring caravans?

The small type of caravans that you tow behind you car.   Static caravans are the big ones which are kept on one site all the time (hence the term "static" i.e. they don't (MORE)

What are caravans made of?

Caravans are made of a pine frame with foam infills. That is then covered with a ply covered in fibreglass. On the other side of the wall is ply sheets with either a vinyl or (MORE)

Will the wheels from a 1994 dodge caravan fit on a 1998 caravan?

  Answer   It depends, if the 98 has 14" wheels (mine does) No, but if they have 15" they should, though the rim offset is slightly tighter, slight tire rub on full t (MORE)

What is a caravan and for what purpose did caravans cross the Sahara?

To transport things that are quite heavy especially in a long travel. Well of course if you want to get some materials or food items, of course your going to go to where ever (MORE)

How do you tow a caravan?

Before you make plans to set off with your goods in tow, there are some basic checks to make. You mustn't overload your vehicle or trailer and should look at your trailer and (MORE)

What is better between dodge grand caravan and dodge caravan?

Well a lot of them have the same engines & transmissions; but if you have a lot of people you'll be driving around, you'd want the grand caravan...The only difference is the l (MORE)

What mean Po420 Dode caravan?

  Do didn't say which engine you have. The trouble code PO420 is telling you there is a catalystic converter not doing it's job. We need to know which engine and what year (MORE)

How do you unhitch a caravan?

you pull the brake lever and lift off but also wind up the jockey wheel Pull on handbrake, make sure tow vehicle handbrake is fully on unplug electric plugs, pull towball re (MORE)