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What was the caravel?

A caravel is a sail that was a combination of sails, with the square sails of the European ships and the trinagluar sails of the Arab Lateen.
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What is a caravel?

A caravel is a modern day ship that was used in the early ages of exploration This is the type of ships that Christopher Columbus used to sail to the Americas;; The Nina, Pi ( Full Answer )
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What does a Cooper do on a caravel?

What does the caravel do they do what are the significance of the first nations people to the fort langley and how or why are ther important to us very much answer that questi ( Full Answer )
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What are caravels?

Caravels (also spelled carvels) were ships commonly used for early maritime explorations. The Portugese and Spanish, as well as other exploring countries, used them in the 15t ( Full Answer )
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What was a caravel?

Caravels were medieval-aged ships which are larger than normal ordinary ships. They are usually used to transport goods/slaves in a far distance. The example of a caravel is t ( Full Answer )
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What did the caravel do?

It was a stronger ship made with triangle sails so that the boat could move along with the wind. It was used for European exploration.
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Where did the caravel originate from?

I'm not positive where it originated from but I do know that it became famous through the Portuguese and the Spanish through their exploration.
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What is a sentence for caravel?

You will find yourselves wondering how those brave men dare to sail those waters in such fragile caravel s!
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Is caravels a pronoun?

No, caravels is a noun , a common, plural noun. The singular form is caravel. The appropriate pronoun to use for a caravel (a type of ship) is it.
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What are the dimensions of the caravel?

Columbus took possibly Carracks and Caravels, the former beingbased on the latter. Some records suggest Carracks may have been asmuch as four times the size of Caravels. On a ( Full Answer )