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Can carbamazepine cause vitiligo?

VITILIGO has been reported following the use of Carbamazepine Please see the literature: 1. Vitiligo au décours d'une érythrodermie induite par la carbamazépine Vi (MORE)

Can you smoke weed and take Carbamazepine?

I would say no, but my friend says it's possible... I know someone who has done this a few times with no dangerous adverse effects but she said the effects were definite (MORE)

Is carbamazepine part of the benzodiazepine family?

Simply, NO I do not believe so. If you want brief explanation you can read below: 1.Mechanism of action: Both benzodizepine and carbamazepine work in the neurons and can b (MORE)
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What to take in place of carbamazepine?

There are a number of other anticonvulsant medications (used for both seizure disorders and mood disorders). Consult with your prescribing physician to decide upon the most op (MORE)