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What is worse carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide?

While carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas might be harmful in the long run, carbon monoxide is a harmful pollutant that can cause serious injury. It blocks oxygen from reaching (MORE)

How to convert gaseous carbon dioxide to solid carbon dioxide?

The same as most substances, CO2 must be cooled and put under increased pressure to become a solid. At one atmosphere, CO2 must be cooled to a temperature of -78.5 degrees Cel (MORE)

What has carbon dioxide in it?

Air. Beer. Champagne. Soda pop. Fully charged CO2 canisters. Dry ice contains a lot of carbon dioxide. Human lungs have some, and mining pits deep inside mountains serve as na (MORE)

What does carbon dioxide do to you?

Carbon dioxide is an emission from your body. It generally it not harmful as it is all around you, unless you breathe in a very high amount of it. Then it might disturb the tr (MORE)

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Is carbon the same as carbon dioxide?

No, it is not. Carbon refers to the element C, with the atomic number 6. Carbon Dioxide refers to the compound formed when one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms are bonded toge (MORE)

Is carbon monoxide carbon dioxide?

No, it isn't. Carbon monoxide is carbon bonded to one oxygen atom, but carbon dioxide has two oxygen atoms. Unlike carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide is toxic, because it reacts (MORE)
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What is carbon from carbon dioxide used to make?

This sounds like a photosynthesis question. If so here's your  answer.    Carbon dioxide is taken in by plants and split into oxygen and  carbon. The oxygen is releas (MORE)